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ScienceLogic Admins & Managers User Group (SLAM-UG)

Welcome to the ScienceLogic Admin & Managers User Group, also known as SLAM!

SLAM is a technical online community of almost 450 IT professionals whom all share a common interest in the SL1 (formerly EM7) hybrid IT monitoring solution.  The community was established to support and facilitate the open sharing of ideas, solutions, and technical knowledge related to the ScienceLogic platform.  We have members from over 17 countries representing over 100+ client organizations in the group.

The first rule of SLAM-UG is "...TALK about SLAM-UG".  This community is user-driven and the more participation we have the better and more valuable it will be.  Every new member brings a different set of experiences and knowledge.  Encourage your associates to join and participate.  Everyone will benefit in the end.  Other guidelines:

Join us 24/7 for real-time chat with users and experts in the community at the links below.  We'll be waiting.

  • Give knowledge, get knowledge.

  • Find a bug, report it. Fix it, share it.

  • No censorship. Be professional.

  • Be honest but fair. Give credit when due.​

User Group Community Resources (Symposium, Blog):

  • SLAM Slack - a live 24/7 technical chat room with user members from around the globe

  • SLAM Code Snippet Repository - custom code repository of member-contributed snippets and config

  • SLAM Bug Report - a community tracked list of defects and their resolution status for SL1

  • SLAM LinkedIn Group - primarily used for the sharing of news, event notices, and announcements

  • SLAM Chat Archive - searchable online archive containing the complete history of SLAM slack chat

  • SLAM on Twitter - (planned) announcements, articles, and related group or product information

  • SLAM Learning Channel - a collection of technical videos (YouTube) with pro tips and tutorials

  • SLAM Technical Blog - (planned) a deeper dive into SL1 technical topics  on monitoring, reporting, customizing, etc


Recommended Reading:

The official Python docs

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python - because "42".

Vendor Resources:

OpsVision Solutions, a ScienceLogic Technical Services Partner (TSP), established the SLAM group in 2017.  We moderate the chat and discussion forums.  ScienceLogic does not officially endorse nor do they sponsor this community.  Several ScienceLogic employees do regularly participate, and their voluntary (but unofficial) contributions are very much appreciated.


You can contact us via email at or join the slack chat for real-time communication.

Sign up for the OpsVision Solutions SLAM-UG mailing list to stay informed of upcoming events, product releases, and more!

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