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ScienceLogic bug report: EM-27688

Number: EM-27688 Severity: Major Valid since: SL 8.8+  Resolved In: SL 8.11.0

Detailed description: Nightly update process attempts to deploy System Env but fails because the old deploy process created files in the wrong place. In 8.8.0, the "em7_envs_deploy" service was transitioned from being a daemon process managed by systemd to a periodic process managed by EM7, but the daemon service is not explicitly stopped by the post update scripts. This can result in the old one continuing to run alongside the new one. The result is exceptions where the old one destroys the collection env's symlinks and the new deploy service cannot deploy the new environment.

Steps to correct: run the following commands: sudo systemctl stop em7_envs_deploy

sudo systemctl disable em7_envs_deploy.service

reboot the CU Added to community sheet: 2019/01/04 Reported by: Joe Baltes Link to the community tracking list:

*** This report is to make the user community aware of a known issue in the ScienceLogic EM7/SL1 software that the submitter deemed significant enough as to require sharing their knowledge and experience with the group to help other administrators avoid a preventable problem.***

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